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Ultimate Swimmer

Dec 31, 2020

Dave Salo is a coaching LEGEND and we are honored to be able to have him on our show this week! Dave was head coach at the University of Southern California from 2006 to early 2020 when he stepped down from his post to turn his attention to his Olympic athletes who were (and still are) preparing for the Tokyo Games. Dave has coached numerous gold medalists wether it be at the NCAA, International, or Olympic level and his list of accolades seems to get longer every year. Known for his unique workout writing style, Dave was a pioneer of Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT) and published a study titled "Sprint Salo" where he outlines the science behind his method. Dave believes in swimming REALLY FAST in training and leaving the slow, easy swimming for retirement, the results have been justified and proven time and time again. Please enjoy our interview with a true Ultimate Swim Coach, Dave Salo!