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Ultimate Swimmer

Feb 4, 2021

James Fike is the founder and CEO of Fike Swim, which is a swimwear and equipment company that follows the mantra, "Swim Different." Over the last few years James has definitely lived up to that slogan in his own swimming career by throwing down lifetime best times at age 39!

Austin Surhoff is another 30 year old who is breaking barriers of his own by becoming one of the top sprint freestylers in the country. After graduating from Texas in 2014, Austin swam professionally for a few years before hanging up the cap and goggles. Over the past two year Austin has rekindled his love for the sport by creating unique, race-specific training sessions that have allowed him to continue to have a tremendous amount of success in the sport.

James and Austin are both Texas grads, just like host Josh Davis so the three have a lot in common and it is safe to say that this is the fastest "old man" podcast episode of all-time.

We hope you enjoy these stories about triumph, having fun, and always striving to find new ways to improve no matter how old you are.

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